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Frequently Asked Questions

Stamp Chat is a free unmoderated messaging app in which the open nature of the platform is powered by the use of “Stamps”.

A Stamp is an amount of digital currency that is included with every message you receive. It allows you to quickly determine how much a message is worth so that you can spend your time on what you care about and avoid wasting time on spam.

Stamp Chat is able to remain unmoderated through the use of Stamps. This prevents users from being overwhelmed by spam. Additionally all messages are fully encrypted between both parties (sender and receiver) ensuring that third parties cannot violate your privacy.

Unlike other moderated messaging platforms, Stamp Chat does not require your account to be attached to a phone number or email. Your identity on Stamp is only associated with a Stamp Chat address (cryptographic public key). This is possible through the use of payments to prevent abuse on the system as opposed to phone number or email verification.

Web 3.0 is the next iteration of the internet where your privacy is protected through cryptographic primitives. Ultimately this means that you will be able to browse the web, visiting websites and paying for services without advertisements and without revealing your identity.

CashWeb is a suite of protocols providing an open messaging standard that we devloped. It uses a federated network topology, similar to XMPP and SMTP, to provide its scaling characteristics. It is unique in that it provides end-to-end encryption and abuse mitigation without the need for central moderation. Stamp Chat leverges Cashweb.